Steelers/Jags Monday Night Football Showdown


The Jacksonville Jaguars are two things in the home against the entire world champion Pittsburgh Steelers. Pittsburgh got beyond the Dolphins from the NFL’s opening match without Ben Roethlisberger plus it’s still up in the atmosphere concerning if Big Ben is likely to get his season debut this past week. Jacksonville looked after this Dallas Cowboys with good demonstrations by quarterback Byron Leftwich, who drove for a touchdown and rushed for a second, also tailback Fred Taylor who tickles 11-5 metres of total crime. Despite an adequate showing from the opener, the Jags believe they’ve lots of room for advancement this week.

Polamalu is amazing in run support and without him, ” Fred Taylor รับพนันบอล might possibly be studying still another fantastic match this week. Expect Parker for a job horse once more if Roethlisberger plays on perhaps not.

At first glance, Jacksonville’s lack in defensive end Reggie Hayward, who listed eight 5 sacks this past season, looks destructive, however, the Jags might well not experience a lot disappear by Rob Meier who had six sacks like a copy one yr ago.

Both teams possess key defensive harms. Polamalu is your soul and heart of Pittsburgh’s shield and Hayward has been Jacksonville’s sack leader each season and can be accountable for putting nearly all the pressure on opposing quarterbacks. Meier looks like a decent replacement, however, he does not always have Hayward’s rate off the ending result. These harms are not the gap in this match. I’ve found which team gets the critical advantage in Monday night’s match up. This 1 isn’t going to return to Ben Roethlisberger, Troy Polamalu or even Reggie Hayward.